Kulturhaus am Kristallsee

Built: 1954

Abandoned: 2002

Visited: 2016


This ‘Kulturhaus’ was built from 1951 to 1954 as part of a sanatorium in an old mining village, also famous for its thermal spring.

The thermal spring has been discovered in the Middle Ages, but it took until after the Second World War when Uranium mining started in this German village. There was also a need for the medical care of the miners. In 1954 the sanatorium was opened. It was built with a capacity of about 100 beds, a large theater hall, a lobby, restaurant, rooms for sports activities and a winter garden.

In the early 1990s, just after ‘Die Wende’ the building became part of a bigger cure and health resort. The building was used as ‘Bettenhaus’ and ‘Kulturhaus’. After 10 years the health resort was sold to a new owner, the Kulturhaus has been out of use ever since.

Photos of Kulturhaus am Kristallsee

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