Artilleriekaserne Jüterbog II


This military site ‘Artilleriekaserne Jüterbog II’ or ‘Kasernenstadt Jüterbog II was built in 1890. The city housed the Feldartillerie- und Fußartillerie-Schießschule, it was an important site during the Second World War and afterward, during the Cold War.

Jüterbog II was founded in 1890 and when the Berlin Artillery School moved here. It was built close to the existing shooting range, dating from 1864. The school had field artillery units and foot artillery units. The town also included civil houses and barracks. From 1892 almost all artillery officers were trained in Jüterbog, except for the Bavarian officers. In 1897 the quarter got its own train station.

From Nazi-era to Soviet-era

Under Nazi rule, Jüterbog’s army base was further expanded. Three surrounding villages were demolished to make space for the military training areas. After the Second World War, Jüterbog was part of East Germany and remained an important garrison town of the Red Army. Up to 40 thousand Soviet soldiers were housed in imposing Nazi-era barracks and in new buildings in the countryside. The huge garrison, about four times larger than the civilian population, strongly disrupted civilian life.

After the Red Army left reunified Germany in 1991, the 20 thousand hectares military area remained closed to the public, because of security and environmental hazards.

During the 2000s, barracks were partially converted into apartments. Demolition of many barracks started in 2010. Remaining buildings are in a very bad state, many roofs have collapsed, it is just a matter of time before most buildings become ruins. I visited ‘Artilleriekaserne Jüterbog II’ several times in 2012 and 2020. Also check these other military sites in the Jüterbog area: Neues Lager, Altes Lager and the Soviet military hospital.

Built 1890 + 1935
Abandoned 1991
Demolished 2012