Victoria Barracks

Built: 1956

Abandoned: 1994

Visited: 2016

Werl, Germany

Fort Victoria (Camp 8), Fort Anne (Camp 7) and Fort Louis (Camp 6), or the Victoria Barracks, where two military bases hidden in the Werl forrest. From 1956 to 1970, the base was used by the Canadian armed forces. Here were unmarried soldiers housed. The married soldiers lived with their families in a Canadian settlement in Werl.


In 1970 the Canadians handed over the barracks to the British Army of the Rhine. Fort Victoria was renamed Vittoria Barracks, Fort St. Louis and Fort Anne were renamed Albuhera Barracks. Since 1994 the buildings are abandoned. The two churches, the former Globe cinema, the gym and squash rooms, the bowling alley and the many living quarters are now left to rot. Local news reports say that both camps are going to be demolished soon.

Photos of Victoria Barracks

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