Fort Ellewoutsdijk

Built: 1839

Abandoned: 1997

Reconverted: 2007

Visited: 2006

Ellewoutsdijk, Zeeland, The Netherlands

Fort Ellewoutsdijk was built between 1835 and 1839, after the Belgian secession of the Netherlands. Fort Ellewoutsdijk defended the Westerschelde together with the cannons on the Fortress of Terneuzen. The bomb-free fort was built in the shape of a hexagon and was completely surrounded by a moat. On the outside, the fortification is 80 meters wide and 110 meters long; the outer walls are 10 meters high. It was built with 19 bomb-proof chambers. The fort stationed 500 soldiers.


A few years after the construction of the fort, the Netherlands and Belgium closed the Treaty of London in 1839. There was no need for Fort Ellewoutsdijk anymore. During the Second World War, the fort fell into the hands of the Germans, who expanded the fort with bunkers. The Germans then used the fort as a prison. NSB soldiers were imprisoned here after the war.


After the war, the fort was used by the Ministry of Defense as a storage site. In 1997 the fort gets completely abandoned, because the lack of money and ideas. It took almost 10 years to the day natuurmonumenten came with the idea of a touristic meeting point. In 2006 they started to build an information centre about the Schelde and its nature. Also information about the fort is provided. Later they planned a small café or restaurant.

Photos of Fort Ellewoutsdijk

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