Garnisonslazarett Neues Lager

Built: 1893 + 1930

Abandoned: 1992

Visited: 2012

Neues Lager, Germany

Because of the expansion of Altes Lager and its shooting range, they built a new military site called Neues Lager in 1889. The camp had barracks and many storage buildings. With the grow of the military site it was inevitably to built a medical facility for the numerous soldiers. In 1893 the military hospital was opened. It originally consisted of four hospital barracks and some outbuildings.

In 1930 the hospital was expended, not only soldiers were treated, but also family members and people from the village. The new hospital had place for 400 patients. After the war, the Soviets used the hospital until the fall of the iron curtain in the early 1990s. The hospital is abandoned ever since.

Photos Garnisonslazarett Neues Lager

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