Kavallerieschule Krampnitz


‘Kavallerieschule Krampnitz’ was the riding and driving school of the German Army until the last months of the Second World War. Krampnitz was considered a luxury city, officers and non-commissioned officers of the Third Reich received their riding education here. 

This site was originally named the ‘Heeres-, Reit- und Fahrschule’. It was moved to Krampnitz from its original site in Hannover in 1937. This cavalry school was now situated close to the military training site Döberitzer Heide. The buildings were designed by architect Robert Kisch. The military grounds were abandoned on April 26, 1945. One day later the Soviet troops took over Krampnitz. The whole complex consists of more than 50 buildings, most of which are apartment buildings and storage, though it also includes an officers’ club, a tennis court, theatre and more. The Red Army’s ’35th Guards Motor Rifle Division’ was stationed here.


The Russian military stayed on the ground until 1992, the camp is abandoned ever since. Every now and then the place is used for filming movies. Movies such as Enemy at the Gates, Inglourious Basterds, The Monuments Men, and Valkyrie shot some scenes here. In July 2013, the city of Potsdam officially decided to make it an urban development area, but construction has been delayed due a large number of bats taking up residence. I visited ‘Kavallerieschule Krampnitz’ in 2008.

Built 1937
Abandoned 1992
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