Neues Lager

Built: 1889

Abandoned: 1992

Visited: 2012

Neues Lager, Germany

This military site was built in 1889. The first use was to house the builders for the expansion of the shooting range in Jüterbog. The barracks were mostly made from corrugated sheets. It was named 2. Barackenlager witch was later changed to Neues Barackenlager. In 1890 the site was expanded with many brick buildings. From 1897 the military site was named Neues Lager and was used as a part of the huge training area around Jüterbog. It was the worlds biggest military site.

After the First World War, during the rise of the National-Socialist Germany the site was used to educate new lawyers and jurists. But at the beginning of WW II the Wehrmacht took back Neues Lager. The Soviet army took over after the Second World War and housed the 27. Raketenbrigade 9 K 72. At the end of the cold war, the Russians left Neues Lager and the surrounding military sites. Today they are demolishing Neues Lager, the ground will be given back to nature.

Photos Neues Lager Jüterbog

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