How to find legal urbex locations


Urban exploring is most of the time an illegal activity. Most of the time you enter buildings without permission. But there are many legal urbex locations that can be visited with permission of the owner. Sometimes for free, but most of the time you have to pay.

How to find legal urbex locations?

  • Via websites

    There are websites that offer urbex trips and travels. The most famous is the German, where you can book many trips. Other sites you can visit are this one, or this one. Some travel agencies also offer urbex holidays.

  • Visit a museum

    There are many museums that offer a realistic view on old industry. For example Blegny Mine and Beringen Mine. Here are some legal sites I visited.

  • Industriekultur

    In Germany there are many sites that offer tours along and through old industrial sites. Old steel factories are now parks, old rail tracks are biking lanes. Check out these sites and visit parks like Landschaftspark Duisburg, Zollverein, Völklinger Hutte and Brikettfabrik Knappenrode. Click the links to my reports of these locations.

  • Chernobyl

    A great way to visit abandoned buildings is a trip to Chernobyl. I have been there several times, check my website for photos. Arrange your visit by a travel agency like this one, or this one.

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