Samgönguminjasafnsins Ystafelli

the abandoned car graveyard in iceland

‘Samgönguminjasafnsins Ystafelli’ is an Icelandic car museum and car graveyard. The old rusty cars and trucks are in the backyard of the transport museum in the village of Ystafell.

The museum started in 1995 and is worth the visit. Because Iceland does not have car factories, the cars are imported from different parts of the world, resulting in a wide choice of brands. The rusty old cars in the backyard are proof of the diversity of cars and trucks in Iceland.

From car graveyard to museum

The ever-growing collection of cars at Ystafell was a thorn in the side of some locals. They felt it was a blemish on the environment. However, times have changed and people’s ideas of the culturally historical value of machines, tools, and cars that have been with man throughout time are different. Many people with an interest in old cars have stopped by at Ystafell and bowed their head in this “holy” place of car enthusiasts. Formerly a graveyard, now the Transport Museum at Ystafell. Outside the museum itself, there are still many interesting things to see, since the cars do not all fit into the museum building. The photos of ‘Samgönguminjasafnsins Ystafelli’ are taken in 2013.

Built 1995
Abandoned 1995