Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule


The ‘Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule’ was a military school for pilots and engineers in Altes Lager, Niedergörsdorf. The main buildings are built in the national-socialist architecture and have the shape of an airplane.

Originally, the name of the school was ‘Technische Schule der Deutschen Verkehrsfliegerschule’. But soon it changed to ‘Fliegertechnische Schule der Luftflotte 1’. In 1933 the military school was built by the Luftwaffe, the air force of the Reichswehr. It was built under the strictest secrecy. Since Germany was not allowed to own an air force under the Treaty of Versailles, it was initially disguised as a civilian institution.

Fliegertechnische Schule

The buildings were first used for education of engineers and repairman of military aircrafts. Already in the first year 1500 pupils were trained here. First commander of the school was Kurt Student. When the aviation technical school was relocated to Warsaw in 1940, the ‘Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule’ from Berlin, moved to this forest camp. On the site there was a hangar for aircraft development with its own wind tunnel.

Soviet Army

From 1945 to 1992, the site was used by the Soviet Army. They established a training center for officers from the armored troops and artillery. Staircase and corridor walls have been decorated with remarkable Soviet murals ranging from modern agriculture to the peaceful use of space. In 1992, after the fall of the iron curtain, the Soviets left the site. Ever since the buildings have been out of use.

Close to this domain is an old military air field. This ‘Flugplatz Altes Lager’ is now used for pleasure flights. The buildings are protected monuments. I visited the ‘Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule’ in 2008.

Built 1933
Abandoned 1992
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