Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule

Built: 1933

Abandoned: 1992

Visited: 2008

Altes Lager, Germany

In 1992 the Russian army left Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule in former East-Germany, ever since the buildings have been out of use. Before the Russians took over, in 1945, this place was used by the German air force, the ‘Luftwaffe’, to train pilots and engineers. In 1933 the air force school was built. The buildings were first used for education of engineers and repairman of military aircrafts. Already in the first year 1500 pupils were trained here. The first name of the school was ‘Technische Schule der Deutschen Verkehrsfliegerschule GmbH’ but soon changed to ‘Fliegertechnische Schule der Luftflotte 1’. The main buildings are built in the form of an airplane and in the national-socialist architecture. Also are there some industrial halls and sport accommodation built from ferroconcrete.

After the Polish occupation the school is moved to Warsaw and made place for the higher air-technical school. This ‘Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule’ was accommodated before the move to Berlin-Adlershof. Close to this domain is an old military air field, now used for pleasure flights. The buildings are protected monuments.

Photos Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule

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