Sportstadion im Militärlager


The ‘Sportstadion im Militärlager’ is a abandoned gymnasium in the military town Altes Lager, in the Niedergörsdorf municipality, Germany. It was part of the ‘Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule’ and left abandoned in 1994.

In 1870 the Prussian army bought this land to built barracks. This place named Altes Lager became a big military site during the both World Wars. Later, during the Cold War it became a home for the Soviet Army. In fact the gym was used by students from the Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule, a training center for officers from the armored troops and artillery. Colorful murals in the gymnasium remind us of the Soviets.

Besides the barracks, a military airfield and many bunkers I found this small gym and soccer field. In 1994 Altes Lager was abandoned when the Soviets left the country after the German reunification. Many buildings were rebuilt for housing, but the gym has a protected status and will not be demolished or redeveloped. However there are also no plans to renovate the old gym.

The soccer field in front of the gymnasium is still in use by local sport clubs. I visited the ‘Sportstadion im Militärlager’ in 2008. Follow this link for more abandoned gymnasiums.

Built 1833
Abandoned 1994
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