Filature Les Bobines


Filature Les Bobines is the abandoned Vanco textile factory in Vichte. The factory is taken over by nature, after more than 10 years of abandonment.

This textile mill made furniture fabrics and other textile products. The company started producing textile in 1945. New halls with new production lines were added to the spinning mill in the late 1980s.

Les Bobines refers to the little wooden cylinders on which the silk threads are wound after weaving. This process of twisting increases the strength of the product. The real name of the company was Vanco.

Belgium used to be famous for its textile industry in the past. That was before most of the textile industry was relocated to Asia, where it is cheaper to produce. Consequently, Les Bobines was declared bankrupt in 2007. As a result, the factory buildings were abandoned and became a playground for local youth and copper thieves. These photos of Filature Les Bobines were taken in 2015. Also check the reports of these textile factories in Italy, Germany, and France.

Built 1945
Abandoned 2007
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