Linificio Canapificio Nazionale

Built: 1840

Abandoned: 1994

Visited: 2010


This was once the largest Rope and Hemp Factory factory in Europe. The factory was built in 1840 along the Muzza, the irrigation canal dug in 1230. A state-of-the-art water system facilitated water powered machines through a labyrinth of tunnels that carried water throughout the complex. The spinning mill was completed with a weaving and bleaching department in 1860. Linificio Canapificio Nazionale, a company that was situated one village down the road, bought the factory in 1873. They organized the company according the English model, both in design and in machinery, making them, towards the end of 1800, one of the largest textile factories of Europe. The mill was closed in 1994 and is abandoned ever since.

Photos Linificio Canapificio Nazionale

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