VEB Zwirnerei Sachsenring Glauchau

Built: 1895

Abandoned: 1993

Visited: 2011

Neukirchen-Schweinsburg, Germany

This factory produced yarns and threads. It was built in 1936 as Negergarnfabrik Gebrüder Wolf. Reason for this strange name ‘Negergarn’ was that they claimed that their textiles will not loose the color after washing, same as black people also don’t loose their color when they wash.

In 1953 the than renamed factory was merged with the Thüringer Teppichfabriken.

It was a big company with more factories in the region. The factory made ‘Sari’ yarn and the famous travel set ‘Zellwoll-Stopftwist’ to repair clothing. Later the factory had new managment and was renamed Spinnerei Greiz. The factory closed down in 1993 just after the unification of Germany.

Photos VEB Zwirnerei Sachsenring Glauchau

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