‘Albrechtshaus’ in Stiege, a village in Germany was built in 1897. The patients were treated for Tuberculosis, a lethal, infectious disease.

This sanatorium, named after Prince Albrecht von Preußen, housed 40 male patients. One year after its Grand Opening in 1898, the sanatorium was extended for another 24 female patients. In 1905 they added a wooden chapel on the site. Additionally the hospital is expended several times over the years. Eventually in 1930 the Albrecht House gave place to 100 male and 80 female patients. Also they build a special children department.

Rehabilitation clinic

Because of the decline in lung diseases the sanatorium transformed into a hospital for patients with cardiovascular diseases in 1987. In 1991 it was transformed to a rehabilitation clinic, but it closed only two years later. Plans to create a health spa here were never carried out, some buildings are demolished, some still stand empty and abandoned.

Wooden chapel

The wooden chapel is unique in its construction. In fact it is modeled on the architectural style of the Norwegian stave churches and yet built in a style of its own that has never been seen again. It is 23 m long, 11 m wide and 9 m high. However the church is often a victim of vandalism.

I visited the site in 2011. Unfortunately the ‘Albrechtshaus’ burned down in August 2013. In order to preserve the church, it will be move it to a protected location later.

Built 1897
Abandoned 1993
Demolished 2013
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