Sanatorium Hohentanneck

Built: 1905

Abandoned: 1992

Visited: 2011

Hohentanneck, Germany

The Hohentanneck sanatorium was built in 1905. The building was designed by arichitects Hugo and Otto Hackelberg. It was used as a private lung sanatorium for man en women in the region. In 1907 the hospital had 35 beds, after they built a new section to the sanatorium in 1950 it could house 50 patients. The sanatorium was under management of Otto Timm and later Friedrich Cords. From 1935 up to her death in 1960 Margarete Eibenschütz-Cords took over. After she died, the hospital was taken over in 1963 by the government and became a public sanatorium.

Photos Sanatorium Hohentanneck

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