Sanatorium Hohentanneck


Sanatorium Hohentanneck is one of the many abandoned lung hospitals in the green surroundings of the village Sülzhayn in Germany.

The Hohentanneck sanatorium was built in 1905 and was one of the many sanatoria in Sülzhayn. The building was designed by architects Hugo and Otto Hackelberg. The building in timber framing was constructed by the Blankenburg based company Bergh & Fettke. Eventually it was used as a private lung sanatorium for man en women in the region. Firstly, in 1907 the hospital had 35 beds. Later, after they built a new section to the sanatorium in 1950 it could house up to 50 patients.

The sanatorium was under management of Otto Timm and later Friedrich Cords. Later in 1935 Margarete Eibenschütz-Cords took over the management up to her death in 1960. After she died, the hospital in hands of the government and it therefore became a public sanatorium.

With the declining number of patients suffering from lung diseases, a re-organizing of the local lung sanatoriums took place between 1965 and 1967. As a result the health system in Sülzhayn was divided into health clubs, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Hohentanneck was assigned to the area of social welfare and served from 1965 to 1992 as a nursing home. The last residents were moved to the nursing home Nordhausen-Ost in 1992. I took these photos of ‘Sanatorium Hohentanneck’ in 2011.

Built 1905
Abandoned 1992
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