Rusthuis De Witte Lelie


‘Rusthuis De Witte Lelie’ is an abandoned nursing home in Herselt, a village in Belgium. The site was demolished after 15 years of abandonment.

This catholic home for the elderly was abandoned in 2002. The institute went bankrupt and the 41 residents had to move out. After the abandonment of the home, the water leaks transformed the place into a green moldy place.

The site was demolished in 2017 to make place for housing projects. As a matter of fact there were plans to house 200 refugees in the old care home, but the building was in such a bad state it was not possible. I took these photos of ‘Rusthuis De Witte Lelie’ during my visits in 2011 and 2015. Follow this link for more abandoned care homes around Europe.

Built 1980s
Abandoned 2002
Demolished 2017
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