Sanatorium Waldhaus

Built: 1898

Abandoned: 1990

Visited: 2011


Sanatorium Waldhaus was built in 1898 by Elisabeth Teichgräber as a holiday hotel for groups. In 1902 the building was extended, also in the years 1906 and 1914 new parts were added to the building. The 32 beds in 1903 were increased to 65 beds in 1908, and to 90 beds in 1932. In 1921 the owner changed and in 1922 the building was renamed as ‘Kinderheilstätte Holstein’. In 1929 the building housed 181 beds for children and 24 for parents and staff. After twenty years, in 1945, the hospital was nationalised and renamed ‘Krankenhaus Lebenswende’. The hospital closed in the 1990s.

Photos Sanatorium Waldhaus

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