Sanatorium des Bas-Buissons

Built: 1931 – 1958

Abandoned: 1978

Visited: 2011

Dreux, France

In 1933, thanks to mayor Maurice Viollette, the Sanatorium Dreux opens its doors. During the years the sanatorium is transformed into a big complex just outside the town of Dreux. The site consists of several health institutes.

– Le préventorium Maurice Viollette, built from 1931 until 1947
– Sanatorium, or Clinique Laennec opened in 1932
– La maison de repos pour femmes et jeunes filles Thérèse Viollette, a rest home for women and young people built in 1935
– L’asile des Vieillards, an asylum for old folks opened in 1958.

Beginning of the end

After the Second World War the number of tuberculosis patients drops drastically. The old rest home became a cardiology ward, the préventorium was transformed into an institute for pedagogical sciences. Other buildings were transformed into an home for old people. Buildings, not complied at the modern needs, were little by little disused. Towards the end of the seventies, the hospital closed its doors.

Today, only two buildings are still in use. A children’s outdoor activity centre and medical archives building are in use. The others fall into decay, only used by the fire service an the civil defence and vandals. The future of the site is not clear.

Photo Sanatorium des Bas-Buissons

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