Salve Mater Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis

Built: 1926

Abandoned: 1997

Reconverted: 2017

Visited: 2008

Bierbeek, Belgium

Queen Elisabeth of Belgium opened the Salve Mater psychiatric centre for women in 1926. The centre was set up by the ‘sisters of love’ from Gent on the lands owned by the counts of Spoelbergh. The buildings were designed by architect Joseph Hachez. The psychiatric hospital was a centre for female patients and was owned by the university to educate student psychiatrists. Until 1997, the main building held the psychiatric clinic’s administrative offices and the sisters’ convent.

The surrounding park, set up as an English scenic garden, was protected by the Administration of Monuments and Landscapes due to its rich collection of trees and plants. Some buildings and the park have been neglected for quite some years.

In 2010 reconstruction of the abandoned buildings started. Works were completed early 2018. Today most of the buildings are homes to families.

Photos Salve Mater Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis

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