Villa Sint Marie


Hidden in the Belgium city Sint-Niklaas lies this beautiful old house ‘Villa Sint Marie’. The story about this villa is a rather sad story.

Villa Sint Marie belonged to a very religious and catholic family. But something went very wrong when the young widow, that was living in Sint Marie, started a secret relation with the local pastor. The woman got pregnant and the unwanted child was thrown in the cesspool. Eventually the woman was arrested on grounds of capital murder and thrown in jail in 1960. It is probably norhing more than a made-up urban tale.

In reality the house was abandoned on 12 august 1976, the newspaper of that day still lies on the table. The house was apparently untouched for all those years.

After entering this old villa I found the owners coats and shoes still present in the hallway, covered in dust and spider webs. As a matter of fact the living room felt like a museum, a really dusty museum. During my visit the house looks exactly the same as when it was abandoned more than 30 years ago. It looks like nothing has moved. I visited ‘Villa Sint Marie’ in 2008. More abandoned houses can be found here.

Built 1960
Abandoned 1976
Demolished 2010
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