Treinkerkhof Maldegem


‘Treinkerkhof Maldegem’ is an abandoned site with several trains and coaches rusting away in Maldegem, Belgium. The site was eventually cleaned in 2015.

On an abandoned industrial site, close to the railroad tracks I found this small graveyard with old trains. The site is owned by the Stoomcentrum Maldegem association who used to have a station here for their narrow gauge trains. When the National Railway Company NMBS, left Maldegem station in the late 1980s, the association moved there.

Besides some rusty old steam locomotives there are mostly old diesel and electric international trains parked on this field. The trains were very luxury in their active life. For example several private rooms and even a bathroom with a big bath was found in one train, it was used for holiday trips to Germany. There are two steam locs, these were made in Tubize in 1930. The diesel trains were made in Germany and were originally used by the army.

The trains are in a bad condition, but there is nothing trashed or covered with graffiti, only the weather has ruined the trains. The site was cleaned in January 2015, but the narrow gauge railway still runs along this domain. I took these photos of the ‘Treinkerkhof Maldegem’ in 2008. Follow this link for more abanoned trains.

Built 1960s
Abandoned 1995
Cleaned 2015