DC-4 Trans Atlantic Airlines

Built: 1945

Abandoned: 1970s

Visited: 2017


This is an old Douglas C-54 Skymaster, or DC-4 standing on a private airfield in Belgium. The airfield has been owner for the past 30 years. The DC-4/C-54 never flew into the airfield, but how it got there is a remarkable story. The DC-4 has construction number 10352. It was first known as United States Army Air Forces 42-72247, later bought by American Airlines under number N90443 ‘Flagship Texas’. After its career with American Airlines it served with Miami Airlines for 3 years before ending up with an American registered, Stansted, England based, and Frankfurt addressed outfit called Trans Atlantic Airlines Inc.


It flew around in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, where it was allegedly used for tourist charters and a lot of shady deals until it was ultimately grounded in Basel, Switzerland. The owner managed to illegally fly the aircraft to Brussels under the fake registration N2894C, where it was promptly impounded. After having been grounded for years, the no longer airworthy airframe was sold and brought to this airfield by road. The plane was used as a clubhouse for many years but was left empty in 2014.

Photos DC-4 Trans Atlantic Airlines

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