Technische School Linkeroever

Burnvictim: 2008

Visited: 2007

Antwerpen, Belgium

This is ‘Technische School Linkeroever’, an abandoned technical school in Antwerpen. Linkeroever, literal translation: Left river bank, is an area in the city of Antwerpen, on the left bank of the river Schelde.


It’s a strange sight, a jet-fighter in the yard of this school. The old, rusty and overgrown plane is an F-84F Thunderstreak. These types of fighters were made in the early 1950’s. This one was stationed in Florennes for the Belgium air force. The colour scheme (green/brown) tells us this plane was active after 1967, older fighters have other (grey/green) colours. The school was a technical school for secondary education. It had classrooms for carpentry, electrical and construction lessons. Early 2007 the building was lost in a fire, the jet-fighter was saved and is now moved to an museum.

Photos Technische School Linkeroever

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