Dominicanen Klooster of Mattenkot

Built: 17th century

Abandoned: 2002

Renovated: 2007

Visited: 2007

Vilvoorde, Belgium

This former Dominican monastery dates from the 17th century. A part of this convent was the rather important ‘Latin school for humaniorastudies’. Later during the French revolution the school buildings were arranged as barracks for the army. The years after the war the building is used for more commercial purposes; it was used as a cotton factory, a brewery and as storage for the train company. In the 19th century the building housed a basket weaving company. This explains the name ‘Mattenkot’.


In 1932 the site gets back his original purpose, it was used again as a school. The technical school used the Mattenkot until its abandonment in 2002. The building got a protected status in 1978 and was restored in 2009.

Photos Mattenkot Vilvoorde

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