Internaat Sint-Vincentius

Built: 1915

Abandoned: 2008

Visited: 2014


The sisters housed here, started in 1903 with the care of children in their own homes. Soon, the number of children started to grow and they had to build a wing to the monastery. By the end of the FirstWorld War, the sisters housed 270 orphans and they were forced to build a second and third wing. Around 1960 ‘Het Weeshuis’ was renamed to ‘Internaat St. Vincent. The large communal groups were split into smaller groups. The kids were housed in separate buildings on the campus.


In 1971 two new pavilions were built for two groups. Later a daycare group was opened. In 2011 the court started an investigation following a complaint about sexual abuse by nuns in the 1950s and 1960s. In 2008 one wing was abandoned until it was rebuilt in 2016. The other buildings are still in use by the same organization.

Photos Internaat Sint-Vincentius

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