Goese Lyceum


‘Het Goese Lyceum’ is an abandoned secondary school in Goes, a small town in the south-west of the Netherlands.

Het Goese Lyceum, located in Goes, has a rich history that dates back to 1865. Originally established as a Hoogere Burgerschool (HBS) on the initiative of Minister Johan Rudolph Thorbecke, the school expanded over the years to include various educational levels

Van Dusseldorpschool

In 1946 the school added a gymnasium to its offerings and in 1986 it merged with the ‘Burgemeester Van Dusseldorpschool’, founded in 1939 and named after the mayor of Goes. A mavo (lower secondary education) department was introduced through this merger. In 1960 the current school buildings were built and were connected to the old Dusseldorpschool.


In 1999, the Stichting Pontes Scholengroep was formed through the merger of Groot Stelle, Het Goese Lyceum, and the Pieter Zeeman College. The new group adopted the name ‘Pontes’, which means bridges in Latin. This name not only alludes to the Zeelandbrug (Zeeland Bridge) physically connecting the two locations but also symbolizes the school’s role as a bridge between young learners and their future.

‘Het Goese Lyceum’ moved in 2014 to a new modern school, consequently the old buildings were abandoned. The old Dusseldorpschool is protected, but the newer parts of the school were demolished early 2015.

At the present time, the old Dusseldorpschool is in use again. The complex houses a kindergarten, seceral health related companies and a physiotherapist. I visited the school in 2014. See more abandoned schools here.

Built 1939
Abandoned 2014
Demolished 2015