Provinciaal Ziekenhuis Santpoort

Built: 1849

Abandoned: 2002

Visited: 2007

Bloemendaal, The Netherlands

In the early 1800s psychiatric patients were not treated, but locked away with thieves and incurable sick people. During the year 1841 a new law changed this. In 1849 the psychiatric hospital ‘Meer en Berg’ was opened to cure the mental sick. This hospital was the first one on the mainland of Europe, it was based upon the English “no restrain” methods where chains and other physical punishments were banned.


In 1918 the name ‘Meer en Berg’ changed to ‘Provinciaal Ziekenhuis Santpoort’. In 1970 more than 900 patients were nursed here. At that time, various renovations and modernizations took place, and in 1971 the youth psychiatric clinic ‘Amstelland’ was opened on site. The hospital grew to a big institution with more than 1.300 patients. In 1986 it was decided to close the clinic and to accommodate patients in smaller institutions in Amsterdam. Separating patients from society was considered outdated. In 2002 the buildings became abandoned. During my visit in 2007 some parts of the buildings are already demolished. The front entrance is a protected monument, it will not be demolished. PZ Bloemendaal is renovated in 2017. More building have been partially demolished. Nice to see that this imposing building gets a new destination.

Photos Provinciaal Ziekenhuis Santepoort

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