Sint-Jozef Rustoord


‘Sint-Jozef Rustoord’ is a nursing home in the Flemish city of Hoegaarden. It was built in the early 1900s and given a new use in 2020 after it was abandoned for 10 years.

The nursing home for the elderly was abandoned in 2010. The rooms were too small for the modern standard. As a result, the residents had to move into a more modern building. During my visits, the home in Hoegaarden was in a very bad state. Partly because of the weather influences and partly from local youth trashing the site. These photos of ‘Sint-Jozef Rustoord’ were taken during my visits in 2014 and 2017. Eventually in 2019 the site was partly demolished, the oldest part and chapel were given a new use in 2020.

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Built 1902
Abandoned 2010
Reconverted 2019
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