‘Paryshiv’, or ‘Паришів’ in Ukrainian, is a small village near the city Chernobyl. The village got abandoned after the disaster with the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Paryshiv is situated on the left bank of the river Pripyat, 7 km from the district center and 20 km from the railway station Yanov. It’s not clear when this village was established. The village was inhabited by 670 people in 1887. In the year 1900 the village had more than 159 houses and 924 inhabitants. There was a chapel, a school, a hospital and two windmills.

Chernobyl disaster

In the year of the disaster Paryshiv housed more than 1050 people. The people of the village, which was one of the cleanest in the exclusion zone, was almost completely rebuild outside the danger zone. The reason for this was the distance to the other ‘clean areas’ in the district. However, some residents are still living in the village to this day. About 7 families as of 2006. There is also a station for firefighters during the summer, because of the high risk of forest fires. I visited the ghost town in 2015. More reports on Chernobyl, are on my other website:

Built ?
Abandoned 1980

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