Koninklijk Lyceum Tienen

Built: 1955

Abandoned: 2011

Demolished: 2015

Visited: 2014

Tienen, Belgium

The Royal Lyceum Tienen was originally a state school for girls. It started in 1883 in another part of town as the ‘École moyenne de l’Etat pour Filles’. In 1956 the school moved to these new premises. In September 1960, the school received its new name, ‘Royal Lyceum’.


Late 1980s the number of students began to decline dramatically, so the school was forced to merge in 1996 with the Royal Atheneum. A primary school stayed there until June 2003. After that the city of Tienen hired a wing from 2004 to 2011 for the ‘Stedelijk Academie’. Since 2011 the building is empty, in 2015 it has been demolished.

Photos Koninklijk Lyceum Tienen

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