Campus St. Lucas

Built: 1903 + 1946

Abandoned: 2008

Demolished: 2011

Visited: 2011

Antwerpen, Belgium

This clinic was built just after the Second World War around the already existing castle Hof Van Delft, built in 1903 by architect Leonard Blomme. The site was bought in 1945 and they started building the clinic in 1946. It took two years to complete the building. In 1987 the maternity wing closed down. In 2000 the hospital closed, the buildings were used as a home for asylum seekers. 125 refugees found a home in the old clinic.

The buildings were abandoned in 2010. Within a year the buildings were in such a bad state they had to be demolished. Local youth and unwanted visitors trashed the place completely and even set fire to it several times. In the summer of 2011 the building was demolished.

Photos Campus St. Lucas

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