Den Ammoniak

Abandoned: 1988

Demolished: 2013

Visited: 2005

Willebroek, Antwerpen, Belgium

Until the 19th century Willebroek was a rural municipality, the population lived mainly from agriculture. The industrialization of the municipality began in 1860 with the establishment of a paper and steam boiler plant by Louis De Naeyer. Due to this rapidly evolving company, Willebroek experienced enormous growth. In 1975 Den IJzeren, an iron constructions factory and De Cokes, a plant producing blast furnace cokes for steel companies were started.


During 1901 this factory Den Ammoniak was built close to the cokerie. Its official name was Ammoniaque Synthétique et Dérivés or ASED and it produced chemical ferilizer, ammoniac and industrial acids from the gas taken from the cokes ovens. The factory was built along the Willebroek canal that was widened and deepened from 1900 until 1922 in order to meet the evolution of the economy and shipping.


This old Ammoniac factory stopped producing in 1989 and the site was sold to the Imerys company. Most of the halls were reconverted and reused by different companies. Two halls were left untouched and were used for some illegal dumping and burnings. Today the site is reconverted and home to many companies.

Photos of Den Ammoniak

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