Zwembad De Schalk


The indoor pool ‘Zwembad De Schalkhas been abandoned since 2001. The pool didn’t meet the modern standards for swimming pools and was eventually demolished.

Architect De Smet built this ‘Gemeentelijk Zwembad De Schalk’. It is the local swimming pool in his hometown Willebroek. At the end of the 1990s the swimming pool could not meet modern requirements on safety and environment laws. To upgrade the indoor pool to the new standard was too expensive, as a result the buildings were sold by the city. Meanwhile some art and culture expos were held in the building before it was demolished.

Today the site of the old pool is part of a living quarter. The apartments are also named ‘De Schalk’. I visited the abandoned swimming pool in 2006. Follow this link for more abandoned swimming pools.

Built ?
Abandoned 2001
Demolished 2007
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