Usine Vapeur


‘Usine Vapeur’ is an old factory in the North of France. The factory has been abandoned for years and most of the site is gone or severely damaged.

This fascinating site is located in Breitenwasen, a district of Oberbronn in the Bas-Rhin department. The factory has been abandoned for many years, and most of the site is either gone or severely damaged.

Despite the decay, Usine Vapeur still holds a piece of its industrial past. The main area of the factory is pretty much an empty hall now. However, one room stands out as a gem for urban explorers and photographers. In the cellar of the building, I discovered an old steam engine. This engine was once the heart of the factory, powering its operations and bringing life to the site. Exploring this old factory is like stepping back in time. The steam engine, though rusty and worn, tells a story of the industrial era. It’s a reminder of the factory’s history and the people who worked there.

I took these photos of the ‘Usine Vapeur’ factory in 2017, the eerie silence and the remnants of the past made it a unique and captivating experience.

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