Stoomzagerij Laakdal

Abandoned: 1982

Demolished: 2012

Visited: 2008

Laakdal, Belgium

This old sawing mill was abandoned in the early 1980’s. These years of decay made the mill a beautiful place to wander around. The old steam driven machines are all covered in green. Inside the workshop all the tools and machine are still there, covered in dust and rust. In 1993 the building got a protected status, but lack of money made the state of the site only worse. Now some of the halls are collapsed and without interference the whole site will be a ruin soon. In 2001 the site was sold to the city, but still there are no financial assistances. The halls of the Stoomzagerij are demolished in 2013, today there are houses built on this site.

Photos of Stoomzagerij Laakdal

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