Herring Factory Ingólfsfjörður

Built: 1942

Abandoned: 1952

Visited: 2008

Ingólfsfjörður, Iceland

This herring factory in Ingólfsfjörður, a fjord north from Djúpavík in the far north of Iceland, was built in 1942-44. The main landmarks of this fjord is the mountains Kálfatindur, Eyrarfell and Glyssa and the old deserted Herring Factory. The main reason why the factory was built was because of the growing herring stock coming in to Húnaflói bay. But soon after construction, the herring catches declined and the factory was closed in 1952. The factory processed herring to produce fishmeal and oil. The oil was filtered to extract the water and then stored in large heated tanks just outside the factory.

Photos Herring Factory Ingólfsfjörður

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