Saunaclub Relax

Built: 1910

Abandoned: 2006

Reconverted: 2008

Visited: 2008

Wezel, Belgium

This 18+ sauna club was abandoned in 2006. The building houses saunas, jacuzzis a bar and you can spend a night in the hotel from the club. The club was originally called Ritz club. But the hotel chain Ritz made them change the name to Saunaclub Relax. The buildings are originally part of the Umicore zinc factory. It was used as a casino and hotel for guests of the factory.


In 2004 it was sold to build a big erotic centre. But just after the renovation works started the city stopped them because there was no building permit. Only one year after opening the club is already closed by the police because the owner was accused of people smuggling. The club is sold to a new management that was arrested not much later for being part of a drug business. The club went bankrupt in 2006. In 2008 the buildings were sold to a new owner who wants to open a banquet hall.

Photos of Saunaclub Relax

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