Cinéma-théâtre le Varia

Built: 1910

Abandoned: 1986

Visited: 2008

Jumet, Belgium

This beautiful old theatre ‘Cinéma-théâtre le Varia‘ was built by architect Emile Claes from 1910 to 1913. The concrete building in Art-Nouveau style closed in 1986. The movie theater is located in the district of Jumet, in the north of the city of Charleroi.


The theater was abandoned in 1986 after 75 years of entertaining the locals. The building is emptied, except one projector. ‘Cinéma-théâtre le Varia‘ is one of the last movie theaters dating before the First World War that are still there in Belgium. That’s why in 1992, the facades and roof slope are classified as historical monuments. In 2000, the Walloon Heritage Institute became the owner of Theater. Renovation started end of 2004 but was cancelled by lack of funds. The future for this impressive building is still unsure.

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