Pensionnat des Religieuses Bernardines


This complex called ‘Pensionnat des Religieuses Bernardines’ is an old monastery that has been abandoned for years.

A view at the old monastery

In a small Belgium village, built on the exact spot of a 13th century castle of the counts of Arberg, I found this old monastery. It became a boarding school for Bernardine Sisters in 1860. The central part of the castle dates back to the 18th century, the lateral wings were later added by the nuns in the 19th century.

The congregation of the Bernardines sisters applies the way of life proposed by St Bernard and finds its origins in the 12th century in the north of France.

Later it was sold to a company that manufactures home furnishings. They set up their offices, show-rooms, stocks and workshops in 1960. The site was abandoned in 2013. I visited this complex in 2017.

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