Lorette Klooster

Built: 1911

Abandoned: 1991

Reconverted: 2008

Visited: 2007

Mechelen, Belgium

This convent was named after the Italian pilgrimage Loretto. The old convent from 1819 was replaced by this neo-gothic building in 1911. Many fathers send their daughters to the nunnery. There they receive a bible and the habit of a nun. Than they begin the year of noviciate, which is the year of trial, to see whether they can go through all the hardships, fastings, disciplines, prayers, hours of divine service, obedience, poverty, chastity, and penance’s practiced in the monastery.


The oldest part of Lorette Klooster was built in 1911. There were a primary and a secondary school and also a nursery class in Lorette. Later they also built a home for the elderly next to the monastery. All buildings are connected by glass corridors through the garden. The buildings were turned into lofts in 2010.

Photos of Lorette Klooster

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