Sanatorium Paul Spillmann

Built: 1900

Abandoned: 2006

Visited: 2013

Lay-Saint-Christophe, France

This sanatorium was built for professor Paul Spillmann by french architects Genay and Weissemburger. Works were started in October 1900 and was completed in July 1902. A few years later, the property was enlarged, facilitated by a donation from a generous benefactor. With the new hospital they could take care of male and female patients, with in total 50 beds. After the death of founder Dr. Paul Spillmann in 1914, the sanatorium was named after him.


During the First World War, that started in 1914, the sanatorium was very damaged. The works to restore the builings took several years. In 1924 sanatorium Paul Spillmann opened again, restored and enlarged with 130 beds. Since the beginning of March 2006, the services were being transferred to a bigger hospital.

Photos Sanatorium Paul Spillmann

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