Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Detmold


This ‘Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Detmold’ was one of once 15 army hospitals in Germany. At the present time there are only five live locations left. The hospital was eventually abandoned in 1990.

A Bundeswehrkrankenhaus is a hospital from the ‘Sanitätsdienst der Bundeswehr’, the medical department of the German army.

The hospital was built in 1938 for the Wehrmacht, as part of a large military site. After the Second World War the buildings were no longer in military hands. As a result it became a public hospital for the city Detmold.

In the late 1950s the site is again used by the Bundeswehr -the West-German Army- until it was abandoned in 1990.

Meanwhile, part of the old hospital is in use again. The unused parts of the building were renovated in 1998 but never got a new use. Although some parts of the building are sporadically used by the army, police and THW who use the hospital as a training ground. I took these photos of the ‘Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Detmold’ in 2011. In June 2013 it was in the news that Detmold entrepreneur Horst Wortmann had bought the entire site and is planning to build residential buildings on it.

Built 1938
Abandoned 1990
Demolished 2011
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