Hotel Chrysopras


The former ‘Hotel Chrysopras’ and later ‘FDGB home Magnus Poser’ was demolished in 2016. The hotel was situated at the entrance to the Schwarzatal in Bad Blankenburg.

The hotel was built around 1800 by Georg Friedrich Danz. He was a miner, working in the mountain, building tunnels, in search of the gem chrysopras.

At the strat of the Second World War, in 1939, a supply company of the German Wehrmacht occupied the building. Later, a hospital was housed here. After the war in 1947, the Soviet-German corporation Wismut rented the building and established a workers’ accommodation.

FDGB Erholungsheim Magnus Poser

The DDR times were the heyday of the building. The building housed a district hospital and the ‘FDGB home Magnus Poser’. In 1991, the holiday home was closed. Discussions between the FDGB and the city administration for rapid recovery failed because certain property issues could not be resolved. In 2007, the building was sold to a couple from Moscow who had big plans. But nothing happened. Not even when in 2013 the owner changed again. For 1,000 euros, the former holiday home was sold. It was demolished end 2016. I took these photos of ‘Hotel Chrysopras’ in 2011.

Built 1802
Abandoned 1991
Demolished 2016
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