Sanatorium d’Angicourt


The ‘Sanatorium d’Angicourt’ is an abandoned sanatorium in Angicourt, a village North of the France capital, Paris.

This first sanatorium ‘Pavilion A’ was built in 1899 by architect M. Belouet. It was a big, imposing building. Later, in 1924, a second building ‘Pavilion B’ is built next to the first one. As a result, the hospital could house 164 patients. Not much later, building A is renamed Pavilion Villemin. Pavilion B became Pavilion Varenne.

Before the First World War, the site was a sanatorium for men. During the First World War, the sick, and the nursing staff were evacuated, and the sanatorium served as a military hospital to the various armies. The latest ones were the Americans. After the war, the hospital is a tuberculosis sanatorium again, but now it functions as a woman’s sanatorium.

In addition, housing for medical staff was built in 1931. General services were located in several other buildings. For instance, they include dining halls, a kitchen, a laundry, the administration, the director office, stables and a morgue.

In August 1965 the sanatorium is transformed into a house for the elderly. After more than 30 years, in 1997 the buildings are abandoned. I visited ‘Sanatorium d’Angicourt’ in 2015.

Built 1899
Abandoned 1997
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