Built: 1939

Abandoned: 2009

Visited: 2011 + 2016

Antwerpen, Belgium

From 1870 on, cheap grain from America, Canada and Russia arrived by ship in Antwerp. The grain was stored in boats and manually removed. Grain traders wanted to make it easier, more efficient and, above all, cheaper. After SAMGA, short for ‘Société Anonyme des Magasins à Grains d’Anvers’ built its first silo in Antwerpen in 1895, business went good. In 1939 this second building was built besides the existing one.

Silo B was made out of concrete and brick. It can store 27.500 tons of grain in 115 silos. In 1941 two pneumatic grain pistons from MIAG-G were installed on the dockside with a capacity of 125-150 tons every hour. During the year 1984 they were demolished after a new one of 300 tons per hour was built.

In 1971 a third silo was built behind the oldest one. Another huge silo was built in 1975.

Photos Société Anonyme des Magasins à Grains d’Anvers, Silo B

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