Brasserie-malterie Hazard Paul


‘Brasserie-malterie Hazard Paul’ is a brewery and malt house in Avesnes sur Helpe, France. The company was founded in the late 19th century by Paul Hazard. Today the site is a ruin. 

The initials PH on the façade reminds us of Paul Hazard, the French brewer who started its business here in 1890. From 1905 until 1920 the company was named brasserie Hazard-Carniaux. In 1927 the brewery produced between 6 and 12 thousand hectoliters of beer a year. In 1946 the production was about 15 thousand hectoliters of high fermentation beer.

Later the company was renamed Hazard & Cie until the production stopped in 1960. At that time the brewery was converted into a wholesale for drinks, the new company traded beers, wines, lemonades and spirits. The company had many clients in France and Belgium. During the year 1985 the old brewery is partly used for housing. These photos of Hazard Paul were taken in 2011. Follow this link or more abandoned breweries in Europe.

Built 1890
Abandoned 1985
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