Built: 1592

Abandoned: 1975

Visited: 2012


This old psychiatric hospital has a long history dating all the way back to 1590 when a castle was built on this site by a noble family. During het French revolution in 1790 the site is transformed to a military hospital.


In 1805 the old castle was used as a shelter for homeless people. And from 1890 it accommodated juvenile offenders. In 1920 the castle became a psychiatric hospital until 1975. Small rooms were transformed to halls were several people were treated. In the 1950s the buildings were renovated to keep up to the modern standards.

After the hospital moved to a new and modern building the castle became a spot for tourists. The rich history made it a good location for a restaurant. There is also a small museum, but most of the site is still abandoned and is waiting for a new use.

Photos Rijkskrankzinnigengesticht

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