Krankzinnigenbegraafplaats Rekem

Built: 1921

Abandoned: 1981

Visited: 2012

Rekem, Belgium

This is an old cemetary, hidden in the middle of a forrest. It is owned by a close-by psychiatric hospital. During 1921, this place were bought to bury diceased patients. In these days a patient was held in the institution for his whole life and most of the time there was no contact with family.

The hospital moved to the grounds close by this cemetary in 1974. 1750 people were buried on the old cemetary. Most of the graves are nothing more than a concrete or iron cross with a small metal nameplate on it. In 1981 the last patient was buried here, after this date the deceased were buried in a public graveyard.

Photos Krankzinnigenbegraafplaats Rekem

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