Mortuarium Schoonselhof

Abandoned: 1990s

Demolished: 2007

Visited: 2006

Antwerpen, Belgium

Not one of the most common places to explore. This place was used for autopsy on the deceased, it was the Forensic Institute part of the Schoonselhof cementry. Schoonselhof is the domain where the urban cemetery of the Belgian city ​​of Antwerp is located. It lies on the territory of the districts of Hoboken and Wilrijk .The freezer had place for 12 bodies. Exploring the morgue and autopsy room gave us a bit of a morbid feeling. This morgue was abandoned some years ago; they left all tools and chemicals in its place. We found autopsy instruments untouched for years. There were some needles and sewing materials, a strainer scooper and an electric bone saws. In the window was a chalkboard for recording examination data. Also there were many chemicals and spray instruments to exterminate vermin. When they found out in 2007 that the place was run over by photographers they cleaned the buildings.

Photos of Mortuarium Schoonselhof

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